Galas (swimming competitions) occur throughout the year that our swimmers compete in. In addition to swimmers participation, Volunteers are also required from all clubs at Galas. We must provide a minimum of one Team Manager (this cannot be the Coach) for our team. Assistant Team Manager, Time Keepers and/or Turn Judges are also often required. We ask that parents complete the relevant training prior to the event if possible, this can be done online through Swim Ireland so they are race volunteer ready to assist in races their swimmers are entering.

Spectators are not allowed on deck at Galas, so acting as a Volunteer is a great chance to be involved close up in the fun and excitement of the day.

Parents who do not have a duty on deck must stay in the viewing gallery for the event.

To view more information please refer to our Laser Swimming Club Gala Information for Parents document.

To View the Current Swim Year Calendar please refer to Laser SC Gala Calendar 2023/2024.

Night before

    • Have a Good dinner and snack before bed

    • Pack gear bag night before

        ◦ Swimming Togs 

        ◦ Goggles – and a spare

        ◦ Towel – 2 if in for the whole day

        ◦ Plenty of water, (its hot poolside suggest 3l minimum)

        ◦ Healthy snacks – raisins, nuts, popcorn, pasta, and Lunch for full day

        ◦ Laser t-shirt if you have it otherwise any t-shirt, to wear between swims. 

        ◦ Sliders/flip-flops

        ◦ Laser Swim Hat

        ◦ Deck/Camp Chair

    • Sleep 8-9hrs

On the Day

    • Eat Breakfast

    • Sip water on the way to Gala

• Arrive 30min early – Meet Laser Team on time for briefing

    • Eat small snack before warm up

    • Never Leave Deck without telling Team Managers

    • Swimmers to Always report Back to Coach for feedback straight after their swim.

Please arrive at least 30min before warm up time. Laser swimmers will need to meet their Team Manager before the warm-up so they can be briefed, go through the ground rules and show them where to go while waiting, Call room, and after the races and also so they can ensure they are all ready in time for the designated warm up time.

Parents Need to Know

For First time Competition swimmers please inform them that  goggles can come off. If this happens, they should continue to swim as best they can. It happens to every swimmer at some stage in their swimming journey, Olympians included!

  • Let your swimmer know that the aim of the Race is to Do Your Best. A Personal Best is always the aim! For younger swimmers especially please be aware that Being 1st or 2nd or last in a Heat doesn’t mean you did better or worse than your peers as swimmers can be ability or aged mixed.

    • Please be aware that Swimmers will need to stay with their Teams on Deck during the event, except for official breaks. Please do not remove your child from the event without notifying Team Managers, this is for their safety.

    •  Photographs and videos are not permitted by Swim Ireland.

    • Hydration and snacks are essential, they will be using alot of water and energy and the deckside is very warm so please pack enough water/snacks. Dehydration and Hypoglycemia are a real risk at these events.

    • Parents volunteering, it can get very warm around the pool deck so wear layers that can be removed, bring a bag, wear comfortable footwear and bring plenty of water.

As always, above all else, we hope everyone will HAVE FUN!!!